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Mbah Yai Yai

Is good amazing

Ryan Johnson

Can’t believe how pumpkin spice white girl you are. Every single statement with an inflection like you’re asking a question. Hope I don’t come off to the locals as shallow and out of touch with the world as you must of seamed to them when I visit. I can almost hear the bubble chew, click, and popping.

Mark Wise

If we are going to pick a grain of sand every-time you say the word “so” l think we can build a sandcastle.

Vimal Jain

L km om om om in yun

Alex Wong Ndeso

Waoow nice sis

Mithun Samantaray

looking gorgeous Diana.. and awesome place….and love your bikini…. also

Ramuan Herbal Sriaji Obat Hiv Aids

Amazing indonesia…

Norton Iglesias

What’s the name of this villa? I wanna book here before the dec.31.Anyone Pleaseeee!!!

Olivier Perrault

hi, i’m frustrated .. i didn’t see the link for renting this villa in your video, could you give to me the way to rent it please ? thk U


It is a beautiful place. But this is the forest. How does this open bedroom prevent bugs?

Aishwarya Panda

There is no air conditioning, won’t it be a problem?


Dream Place..

Ama Widarmana

hello, please also check my parent’s accommodation named Song Broek Jungle Resort located near UBUD bali. Cheap with nature view and wooden room 🙂
you can google it
contact me for special discount

Andi S

How did you pay for 50% deposit?
Payment for a 50% deposit can be made by bank deposit or Paypal.
(Bank details will be given after a booking is made)


thanks for your post, i am looking to go in november, how many days would you recommend to stay there

Dajour Livingston22

I bet it cost like a million bucks, or a couple thousand dollars.

Mubeen Cutchi

I was watching this on my TV, but I had to get to my laptop to give you a “like” and a thank you, this looks mind blowing. I was going to say this looks expensive, until I looked up the cost, and I can see why so many western tourists come there. Would you retire there ?

Predator Gaming

I hate rich people…


Nice video, Is it a hotel or are they private villas?, have a restaurant?.

Keep Going, thanks for sharing

reyhan ean

I Love you bali , I Love Indonesia

Rivay Fai

IG : @rivayfai

Americano Coffee

Why did you not mention the cost ??


Bloody Americans

Pipit Agustin

hy i am from Indonesian , nice video😀

Dwiastuti Puspitorini

What is the name of the villa?

Emanuel Mouratidis

This place is impossible to find a booking grrrrrrrrr

Dea Guo

I like it!


we have more amazing villa video, check it out

Lucas Forever

life of rich

duffelbagspouse travels

Ubud is stunning, peaceful and electric. This villa looks beautiful, but the open air concept kept my husband up at night– protecting me!!. People need to realize they are in a jungle and there are way too many creatures flying and crawling around and bumping into the furniture– loudly. lol When we go back, and we will, we’ll choose a space with a lot of outdoor pool space but where we can close the doors at night. I had booked something similar in the Philippines but cancelled and went with something more modern.

Michael Aniol

lucky girll all the best from POLAND

I Ketut Indra

I often to go to ubud I am balinesee but I cant get that facilities. so expensive I guess

Brit Bong

holy shit your annoying

Brit Bong

1:17 where the fuck do you see rice paddys

Cj Proctor

so beautiful the house is to


hi, just wondering whether you found the heat a problem with it being open plan? was there any way to air condition the villa?

Tour and TravelGO

Looking great. Great vlogger great Bali.. Beautiful.. ^^

Alicia Scott

How much did it cost? I really wanna go there! But i need to know how much it costs

My China

HI, is this shamballa Moon or shamballa Residence?

Mindaugas Bilevičius

Nice video and very nice villa. 🙂 You can check my new video from Bali (Dec. 2016). I hope you enjoy!

Rob Bradley

Great Vlog, my wife and I stayed there in 2014 which was our first trip to Bali. Amazing stay and hoping to get back there soon, Staff were awesome, so relaxing to wake up to the sunrise of the jungle with open view upstairs. Did you see the fireflys at night. cheers



satya satya


Diana Verry

Hey friends, if you’re looking for more travel tips/reviews, check out my blog:

Silvio Fontana

name of villa please, going in 3 weeks, will check this out for long term stay

Style Domination

WHOA!! This is incredible! Hope to get there one day. Nice editing!

Travel Pockets

Bali looks amazing!! Private villa? Yes please!!

ملك الاحاسيس

OMG i’m not interested on the subject more than your eyes

orang asing

oh my god. .how beautiful…… .you R.

Yulius Andrian

The music “the little thing” called gamelan

Hanis Haziqah

how much per night for stay ? im planning too

Darius Hartanto

I live in Jakarta and I always go to Bali whenever I want a blast holiday. You should try another cities in Indonesia because there are still plenty of beautiful cities here 😊

Rashid Rashid

bali beautiful i love Bali.

Jovan Vasiljević

Oh my Gosh, incredible! 😍

Ashley Elliott

Looks incredible o.0


Wow!! Awesome villa.  Thanks for sharing

Ryan Wilson

Loved this video Diana! The villa looks incredible! I’m planning on heading to SE Asia in January & Bali is high up on the list. In addition to Bali, what places might you recommend?

Natalie Loves Beauty

Now this is what dreams are made of! Amazing!

Muhammad Ihsan Ghazali

OMG! I wanna jump there now haa… #Ubud #Bali


I want to live there!!!!!!!!!!1

Free soul Ikram

best place eveer ❤

Neuza Mariano