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Marianne Shepherd found this which explains a little bit about the temple dance, characters and origins x

Thomas Johnson

You both go to wonderful places, love the food parts except when your husband ate that sheep tongue and eyeball that was really gross. I think it was in iceland?


You should come and eat Khorkhog and drink airag (kumys) in Mongolia. Stay in Luxury Ger (yurt)

Saskia Mateo

I love you guys so much, you guys are so down to earth. Keep up the good quality videos, my husband and I love watching ya in our big screen TV.


Loving seeing your channel develop! I hope to be able to grow and develops my skills as much as you have. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Asian Food μ•„μ‹œμ•ˆν‘Έλ“œ

Great ! I want to sleep in a bamboo villaπŸ˜„

Borg M

anyone know what happened to the Way Away people? little worried about them.


You both are so secondhand toerist info and very corona-irresposible-spreaders, so please stop this nonsens a try to get home as soon as possible with a healthcheck ofcorse

Vicki Ladu

I wonder how much the bamboo villa costs per night?😬

Gaurav Kale

i am indian….come to india once

Chris Shepherd

You poor guys have to do some work

Chris Shepherd

How in the world do afford to do this stuff all the time.πŸ€”πŸ€”


that’s the whitest “gado2” i’ve ever seen that it’s even called gado2 is just for culture i guess


With Kara & Nate taking a break after completing their 100 countries and The Way Away missing in action for two months, The Endless Adventure is my mainstay.


Indiana Jones and Joness

Hallie Nelson

The picture of you two at the end in the top right corner is really cute. Just had to say that.


Floor beams on the roof?

Danny Danny

Bamboo… everywhere!


Love from karachi😍😍😍😍
M simply addicted😍😍😍

Laura Elle

1:14 “shootin some b-ball outside the school” πŸ˜‚

Bali looks so AMAZING! I can’t wait to make it over there 😍


Your travel vlogs are the highlight of my day! I always prepare myself a nice meal while watching them as well bc the way you two describe your food ALWAYS makes me feel hungry and jealous of your amazing meals! Lots of love from Estonia x

Mr Perambulator

Cool weather.. Awesome video as always 😍


LOVE your channel, always so fun to watch, gives a true experience of all these places, great shoots πŸ‘πŸ‘

Henry Chancusig

You guys help me a lot with my English 😍 you are my favourite teachers πŸ‘©β€πŸ« πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«


That place looks insane!😍 We are in Bali right now and just arrived in Uluwatu. Awesome to see a litte taste of what we will be doing in the next couple of days 😁

Zoe Louise

THIS IS JUST BEAUTIFUL AND IT DOESN’T DISAPPOINT! The bamboo counter made me giggle! πŸ˜‚ this is absolutely amazing! I’m loving it so much already and I can’t wait for the other videos!

Tou Ly

Wonderful, great chemistry guys. I’m loving it

Risa B

i’m really sad lookin’ at that gado-gado, that’s so different from the regular gado-gado that it shouldn’t even be considered as gado-gado AT ALL!!!

David Rathmann

Another awesome video Eric and Allison. The bamboo count cracked me up. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Arvind Thillaisundaram

Here’s the beginning of the performance story. full link here: “Bali Kecak and Fire Dance Performance Story
What makes the Kecak special is that the accompanying music is provided by the human voice, the gamelan suara, a choir of a hundred men or more sitting in concentric circles, swaying, standing up, lying prone as the story develops.Amongst the swaying masses the voices of the storytellers can be heard telling the unfolding tale. The story is a fragment from the Ramayana, the Hindu epic which finds its expression in many forms, not only in dance, but also in painting and carving. Prince Rama, heir to the throne of the kingdom of Ayodya, and his wife Sita have been banished from the kingdom by King Dasarata as a result of trickery by Rama’s stepmother. The story begins with the arrival of Rama and Sita accompanied by Rama’s brother Laksmana in the forest of Dandaka.

The trio have been observed by the demon Rahwana, King of Alengka, who lusts after the beautiful Sita. Rahwana sends his prime minister Marica to try and isolate Sita so that Rahwana can kidnap her. Marica’s magical powers turn him into a golden deer and he enters the forest and when the Sita sees the golden deer she is so enchanted by it that she asks Rama to capture it for her. Rama chases after the deer leaving his brother Laksamana behind with strict instuction to protec Sita. When Sita thinks she hears a cry for help from Rama she forces Laksamana to go after Rama by accusing him of cowardice and he goes off to help Rama with great reluctance after drawing a magic circle on the ground and telling Sita the she should not under any circumstance step out side the circle.”

Erda wong

So beautiful πŸ’•πŸ’•

dan c

We love you guys, your videos take us to places we’ll never see. Thank You and wishes for your safe travels.


I’m happy to see that Eric was sweating as much as I was when I was in Bali last week. Makes me not feel like the only walking puddle πŸ˜‚

Joyce Todhunter Scroggins

You both looked like the humidity was gonna melt you πŸ˜…. It is beautiful. Thank you

Life is Fun

You both in paradise yeah..

The Global Snowbirds

You guys are SUCH a chill, down-to-earth couple! Excited to see what you get up to in Indonesia! How long will you be there for? We’re heading there on the 27th for 2 months, would love to have a beer if you have time! Cheers guys! 🍻

Yellow Zapdos

We just watched a 13:50 minute commercial without realizing it πŸ˜‚

Carin – Cats & Good Vibes

I’m new to this channel….love it… guys are so much fun! Cool bamboo house!

Christina Wong

Beautiful opening!

Elisabeth Karangora

I’m new to your channel but I really like your video, and I’m from Indonesia I hope you have a great trip and wish you could explore another place in Indonesia, like Labuan Bajo. I’m from there so if you guys planning on going there it would be amazing πŸ‘πŸΌ once again have a nice trip


You’ll find many influences of Hinduism in Southeast Asia. So, you should expect to see the epic Ramayana retold or dramatized throughout this region. And since over 80% of Balinese identify as Hindu, it’s not surprising to find the Ramayana brought to life through a Balinese form like the Kecak. I loved the Fire Dance at Uluwatu. But, those who haven’t heard of the story before may simply get confused and share about their confusion. So, for those visiting the performance, spend literally 2 min reading the love story. You’ll enjoy it more!

Chris Tolhurst

Loved the bamboo count, made me giggle

Alan Lee

Be careful when eating in Bali. Beware of dog meat

Carl Daniel

That intro though! Drone shot 😍😍😍

Thomas Johnson

Stop wearing black in the tropics and stop wearing underwear and you will be cooler.

Ocea Soul

I have subtitles on and when you said β€œwe are just gonna take a cab” the subtitles have it as β€œwe are just gonna take a crap” lol. Wish I can take a screen shot and post it.
Awesome vlog btw:)

Thomas Johnson

The monkeys will rip your face off. They will steal your belongings.

Thomas Johnson

Absolutely beautiful resort! Nice place to die from the coronavirus.

Martina BellaCiao

Are you guys solely funding your adventures from your YouTube earnings? And are you doing this full time or you still work in a regular jobs?


But was there any bamboo, Eric? πŸ˜„


I like your video’s a lot, the only thing that irritates me is the ungoing promoting of alcohol… Why??? My father was an alcoholic, and believe me, that wasn’t FUN. So it’s always itchy when people promote alcohol consumption. It would be nice if you guys don’t constantly say it’s so important fir you…. I habe a GREAT life, without a drop of alcohol

Vanessa Flood

Her smile <3

HTodd Griffin

At 10:15 you mentioned driving monkeys but never showed them. I call that a missed opportunity! Also, as to the size of the bamboo, have you never seen the movie “The Bridge On The River Kwai”? I think it won Best Picture in 1957. The railroad bridge was constructed from bamboo. In real life the bridge was wood and steel, but bamboo is still a remarkable and incredibly strong building material.

SimpsOn The Go

WOW, I want to go there! Bali is on the top of my bucket list, as is everyone else’s I imagine! Thanks for sharing!

AllGellieBean Everything

The camera/drone work is awesome! The beginning of the vid is πŸ”₯Immediatey subscribed❀️


That intro is everything and more! How epic is Le Bamboo wow wow wow 😩😍

Stephanie RP

wow smart monkeys that they can drive hehehe Love your vlogs guys!

Micayla Birondo

Tbh, love that you were shook by this performance. This
IS what connecting with foreign cultures should feel like. It should feel, for Americans, jarring and moving. Please, continue the adventure.

Photo By Matt

No meat is a BIG deal breaker..


afaik the kecak dance is a very recent thing invented by a german painter in the 1930s…. soooo *shrugs*


Thank you! I feel the same about monkeys.

spitfire red

New subscriber here, really enjoyed your video, great channel, glad I subscribed!

Alina Petrea

uuu ! i love it when it’s a very loud thunderstorm !!!

Gerry Lang

Maybe she should wear some flip flops.

Jennifer Tu

That intro tho!!

Traveler Trome

This is the most stunning accommodations I have ever seen you guys stay at. That view from the upstairs bedroom…simply wow.

Esteffi Urenda

Omg this video is Amazing 😍 a big fan from CΓ³rdoba, Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

Marv Turner

That intro was incredible, wow.

Treasure Hunt Foodies

That villa is fabulous and the food looks amazing!
Bamboo count, lol

krishnapriya chakravarthi

Uluvatu is a beautiful place..kechak dance depicts the characters of Hindu mythology Ramayana …for example ,monkey god is Hanuman, the demon is Ravana etc in that dance. And the thatched roof if bamboo villa is made of dried leaves neatly arranged which trap heat and allow the room to be cool.


There is a youtuber who is your deadringer, Eric. At first I thought he was your younger brother or something. It’s uncanny, the resemblance. Down to mannerisms.

Emma Perrett

Great vid, I’ve just liked it. Looking forward to seeing you with The Delightful Travellers again.

Chris Geisler

Good job! You solved your Wi-Fi problem. Thanks for your tweet. I made sure we were home. Well worth the wait. Your bamboo hut was awesome. The fire dance looked authentic. Hard to make fake fire! LOL. Monkeys are not my favorite either. Would you believe we had a Spider Monkey when I was only 16 or so? Around 1966. My parents kept him in a very small metal cage, poor thing. They are definitely not cute and cuddly!


U sat in bassically the same place i did when i went to see that ketchak dance… except i went 11 years ago LOL





Gorgeous! I would def eat better/healthier there! Lol


made me miss bali

Apopka Flowerchild

I’m with you about the monkeys…they freak me out ! Great video πŸ˜‰


I was just in Bali and watched the Kecak and fire dance by the beach at sunset in Uluwatu!! It was a pretty cool experience.

Aldrich Zoten

OMG 12:13 The violet-blue’ish sky is absolutely beautiful!!
You both so lucky in paradise on earth.
Enjoy & have fun guys!!

Gray Kazz

Another amazing video guys

Macy Wester

Allison I love your backpack, where did you get it?

Gwyneth Glas-Brown

Thats a beautiful bamboo house 😊

Croatian Travellers

GREAT VIDEO, very beautiful place and your cuts are amazing. I am planning to go there next year and explore. I just started my travel Channel, so please check out and subscribe. Thanks for support.

Mark Harrop

Eric: β€œMonkeys look too much like people and they look like they want to kill you” – OMG I burst out laughing when I heard you say this. Classic! Great video guys.


Nice one eating veggie! 🌿 🌾🌱☘️🌺🌻🌳

Dave H

Bully for you. I just had a sausage butty.

Loni & Al

Way cool digs πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž. Bali is great despite the heat and rain πŸ‘πŸ‘. Thanks for taking us back for a visit


You said more “bamboo” than your counter counted!

Thomas Crown

chances are the leafy roof is bamboo too (just a guess)πŸ˜‰

Nichole Herzke

I am slightly new to this channel but have completely taken back by you guys. I love how carefree you both are and have a great dynamic together. I have been waiting for this video so glad it just popped up.


You should’ve booked via Klook, then you get a driver and someone gets you your tickets. So relaxing to not have to barter for a cheaper ride home.

Al Lorenz

Best B-Roll intro ever πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ“·πŸ‘€β—οΈ


I’ve been to the fire dance when I was in Bali last November. Much busier back then. People had to sit on the floor for 3 rows!

Stu McCabe

I see a nice convenient gap under the door – perfect for allowing snakes into your bedroom.

Fiela Legua

New sub here πŸ’“

Hridoye Bangladesh, from Bangladesh

Bamboo VillaπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Don tom

love u two/ ancient city tour


Aron Kaufman

We where just there !! This is so funny we was in Bali for a month, but definitely going back


Wow great place and that fire dance looks awesome!

Christina Beaver

That intro though πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


These cinematic introductions are on point! I love it! 😎

Ashley & Christian

I’ve never been this early!! Love the tour, going to Bali next year so these videos are so helpful!



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