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I was there 2 days ago. place is unreal

Jeremy Hutton

I went here not too long ago, ended up waking up utterly naked on the roof of the hostel. Besides that unreal time!

Yusuf Sulaeman

Gw dah 4X kesini. Gw suka bgtt, homy, garden party, rutop’nya keren👍

Umut Serkan Büyüksökmen

I was there 2 months ago , I love this place x


I miss party here 😢

luqman omar

I went here last weekend for both night. It absolutely was unreal! Having a majestic night and coming back is a must! Thank you La Favela!


I Miss Bali please open for visitors I want to come

Willy Frederick

Top banget tempatnya seperti di Tanamur Jakarta 👍

Putra Indonesia Channel

How much we must pay to come to there?