Bad juju follows

Bad juju follows me. It always has. I have spent years of my life frustrated over little tasks like paying a bill, purchasing flights or loading a web page. I never wear a watch because I kill the battery and I have spent (most likely) half of my life sitting at red lights. I have been wondering just what the f*** is wrong with me. My family and I laugh about how everything goes array when I am present and how as soon as I leave the good luck finds its way back to them. Come to find this is an actual phenomena that many people with high energy experience. We disrupt things. I guess I am not alone?

Here in Bali, there is good spirit. Every morning locals present gifts to the Gods to welcome in the good. Woven palm leaves are filled with three different color flowers, (one for each Hindu God), a stick of incense and a little offering. We have seen things like crackers, rice, even an Oreo used as an offering. The incense is then lit and the offerings are set in front of trees, rivers, homes, stores, temples, statues, etc. They remain there all day until swept up late that night only to repeat the process again the next morning.

Mike and I walked into downtown early a few mornings. We watched as the locals opened up theirs shops and began placing their offerings around the village. The air smelled of morning dew and incense. A beautiful smell to say the least! We were even lucky enough to wake up one morning to a woman placing offerings in front of our Airb&b door. How sweet it was of her to bring us good spirit during our travels.