Flower power

Flower power. Lots of places we have been to seem to be made up to get the perfect Instapic. To be fair, we got some amazing ones as well with a stunning view and scenery but reality looks totally different beside these spots… sometimes it feels like Disneyland…
We didn’t expect anything from this trip but it seems that chemistry between Indonesia and us is just not right.
Apart from some annoying moments, we got to know wonderful people along our way from Singapore to Bali to Gili Air and to Lombok who made our trip special!

A doc who told us about the huge earthquake in Lombok last year and how she kept patching up her patients, not sure if she will survive the earthquake or not. Ham, who showed us how to swim with turtles and Hinti who filled our days here in Lombok with joy and so many more we still have a few days left to enjoy and say goodbye. Happy to see our beloved ones soon again and grateful for our new experiences