Following my set of posts from Bali

Following my set of posts from Bali, for our second, we did the east part of the island (or at least the most attractive places). The distances in Bali are long because the roads aren’t big and there are too many tourist vans wandering around. That’s the reason it took us 3 hours to reach one of the most famous places in Bali, The Gates of Heaven. This temple is located at the Lempuyang mountain and its dramatic scenic towards Mount Agung makes it one of the most visited temples in Bali.
Before traveling to Bali I read a lot about the places to go and I knew that this temple would be very busy. Nevertheless, I wanted to go and see Mount Agung. But, that day it was raining a lot and we couldn’t see it.
Sometimes the traveling plans don’t work out as expected . The next post would be about tips for this temple . . . .