We are back in Bali

Being back brings so many emotions. When we set off on our full time travel adventures back in June 2018, Bali was our first big international stop. We spent 3 weeks here and arrived so excited for the journey that lay ahead, terrified at the fact we actually left, and with big dreams and little direction on how to make them happen. We were on a natural high from our new found freedom and acclimating to our new life spending every moment together on new adventures. The emotions of taking off on our journey with just a few bags and no home to return to, is a hard feeling to describe.

This year we returned to Bali as our first stop in 2020. This time were here as seasoned family travelers, confident in our life decision and our abilities as content creators. But we also return now knowing its time to start planning our familys next steps. Just writing that makes me emotional

It seems life has a funny way of coming full circle in moments like these. We are back in the same hotel we started at, but now having totally different conversations. The four of us are such different people after the incredible personal growth that this journey has allowed each of us. And most importantly, we are now a stronger family than ever as we have been each others everything since the moment we departed.

We are excited to share more about our 2020 plans soon. Despite how amazing the past few years have been, I truly hope that the best is yet to come! Do you have any big life changes you are considering this year?