We are moving to Bali!

This has long been on my bucket list of things to do and I cant tell you how excited we are. With some personal and business opportunities aligning we couldn’t say no.

Bali holds an amazing energy for us. For me personally I look forward to continuing to work on myself, my marriage, my family and business.

So far over the last 5 weeks here we have met some amazing people and the kids have spent so much more time enjoying nature and less technology

We are not sure how long we will stay for but we are open to any and all possibilities.

To our family, thank you for your support.

To our friends, we will miss you all and we look forward to seeing you when either you visit us or we come back.

This year is about possibility and being unapologetically myself, and I think this is a great first step!

I am keen to get uncomfortable and push myself personally and with business.

Bring on the adventure!