Where can you work in Canggu, Balis party hotspot?

Canggu has a reputation for being a party town, but it also hits the sweet spot for those of us traveling with laptops. There are tons of cafes and coworking spaces with fast, reliable WiFi and you can head to the beach on your lunch break!

After a month in Canggu, these are my top spots for work

worldofzin aka ZIN Cafe Canggu. This breezy cafe has a separate (and free!) coworking area and two more floors where you can both work and eat. The coffee is great, the WiFi is fast, the vibe is chill, and the beach with sunsets is a few steps away.

A bright and airy cafe, with the second floor that almost never gets crowded. Its nice and quiet, has fans to cool you off, and you can gorge on those smoothie bowls in between your conference calls.

f you must have AC or else you die, head to Alter Ego. Its a minimalist cafe with plenty of space, so you wont feel bad for occupying the table all day. The coffee and the food are good, but the WiFi can slow down a bit during peak hours.

Now, sometimes you want a proper office like space you can rely on, and you’re willing to pay for that. Tropical Nomad is a great coworking space with Skype booths, lockers, an airconditioned quiet room, and even some sunset views from this open balcony.