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Having my classic Balinese tourist moment at the Gate of Heaven, Bali. Sort of breaks my heart to say but this place is an illusion there’s no reflection or a lake as it may seem what there is, is a photographer holding a mirror directly under a phone camera to create that illusion. I already knew this before I went (research, people!) so it wasnt wildly shocking to me. Its up to you to decide if you want to come here or skip it.

Deets about this place
Its a three hour drive from Ubud.
You have to be wearing a sarong to go in (youll be given one when you get there for a small fee)
You go in and pick a number
You wait your turn
When its your turn, hand over your phone to the guy (swipe right to see him) and take your shots. You only have four poses to make until its the next persons turn.
It can take up to three hours until its your turn. But luckily, theres a seating area so you can be comfortable. You can also pick a number and go to Tirta Ganga or explore the area and come back.

Knowing this, would you still come here or pass?