Massive sports bike in Bali

Ok so obviously being me, I found the most unusual build I could find in Bali and just had to have a go at it I’m a massive sports bike enthusiast but honestly I’ve got an eye for anything with an engine.. this is a basic engine Honda GL neotech 165cc.

Its running a suicide shift, meaning it has a stick gear shift and foot clutch this combined with having a rear foot brake and no front brakes makes it a really challenging ride… they developed it into a chopper style bike by repositioning the tank under the seat and ofc giving it a paint job!

I wrapped my head around only being able to use one foot at a time having to choose between a brake or clutch when stopping but I still wore my bullit jeans just in case I actually ( by a miracle ) managed to succeed smoothly with this riding style safety first mad respect for this build… massive thanks to jprengkymarokelah and to krismajack for letting me get this build out !