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I fell completely in love with the land, the people, the food and the energy that is emanating from this special place. I’ve been all over the world the past 10 years and Bali has captured my heart for many reasons. Last year I was only here for 8 short days before taking off to Australia. I did not want to leave but I knew that Australia had its own taste of deliciousness that I was eager to explore.

So I told myself that I’m coming back to Bali in one year to stay at least one month.
I just set the intention, not knowing how it would play out…

The Universe received my desire and responded.

One year later, I find myself in Bali, but this time, I’m with my partner and we’ve decided to stay for about 3 months. Not as a vacation but rather creating a lifestyle where we can be anywhere in the world and still share our gifts, serve clients, create content, expand our skills and of course, PLAY)

The first two weeks of the new year were dedicated to self care, fully enjoying ourselves in this magical island and taking a pause from the constant doing.

Well, we are still doing but instead we are not focusing on getting somewhere or accomplish something, rather we are taking each day as it comes and listening to what our heart wants to experience. There is nowhere to get to that isn’t here anyhow. Even when we get there, it will still be experienced in the present, here.

Ill be posting a lot more content based on what we are continuing to learn and implement along the way that I hope will be of value to you.