Take your best picture at this famous gate in Bali

Take your best picture at this famous gate and don’t forget to make a memorable moments here. Tag someone who should take a rest here during trip in Bali.

If you come to Handara Golf and Resort, you must prepare your camera to take pictures of your every single moment you spend there, as you will see a lot of Instagram worthy places within the golf club & resort. One of them is the Balour Balinesegate of Handarathe path way to serenity. It has become a famous Instagramable spot in Bali. It is a popular landmark for tourists who seek for one of Balis top Instagrammable locations to have some iconic picture for your social media.

Make a wonderful picture in front of Handara Gate with the breathtaking view of green scenery and gigantic exotic traditional Balinese gate as your backdrop.Pamper your eyes with the amazing green surrounding, beautiful scenery, and the amazing background of smoky green hills between the gates that creates a perfect picture for your Bali holiday.

Location Handara Golf Resort, Bali