The best travel memories

The best travel memories and learning experiences happen impromptu. In Bali, the only way you can travel without complaining is by renting a scooty ans that’s exactly what we did. We were on our way to a hidden waterfall when we spotted an old lady selling some summer drink.

We decided to stop and ask her what it was. She, being a local, could not understand english and we couldn’t understand her. And that’s when we used the power of Google Translator! After 1015 minutes, we realised it was a drink called Daluma. It is made of some leaves of a plant which is turned into a jelly and is served with coconut milk and sugar water.

Initially, I was very reluctant to try it but when I tried, it was absolutely out of the world! I have never had a more refreshing drink and that too at just 20 rupees! I can never forget the smile of that lady upon seeing our surprised faces. I cant forget how beautiful it was to exchange ideas with the help of technology. I cant forget the efforts she put to speak into the translator and her surprise on its functioning.