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Book Hunting Adventure in Bali, Indonesia for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

I officially have a complete set of Foreign Harry Potter books from 7 different countries!
I have been eyeing these Indonesian editions of Harry Potter for years because the covers are incredibly unique and gorgeous so when I found out I was actually going to Bali on this trip I knew immediately that I had to get my hands on one.
Since I’ve traveled a lot I know that the best place to find local covers is used bookstores. Where we are in Ubud has just one. I set my heart on finding these covers. I really wanted Deathly Hallows to complete my set but any with an Indonesian cover would be fine.
My friend Phuc and I headed over to Ganesha Bookshop after a long couple hours of watching Monkeys at a Sacred Forest. My heart sank when I walked in and saw English books. I had searched a store in Kuta and found only the new UK versions and was heartbroken. I walked in farther and all the way in the back Phuc noticed a tiny children’s section in Indonesian and low and behold there it was! This store had books 1, 2, 3, and 7! Luck was on my side! I grabbed that book so fast and I did a little happy dance that I think may have alarmed the worker.
She was a little taken aback that I wanted the Indonesian version, so much so that she confirmed that I really did want this book. Yes, Ma’am I do!! When we got back to our villa I brandished my new book around like a trophy, showing anyone who sat still long enough!