Feel so lucky to meet Manta Rays

Feel so lucky to meet Manta Rays when exploring this peaceful beach. Visiting Kelingking Beach will not make you bored guys. Tag someone who should see this magical view
Enjoying the scenic seascape and taking photos and selfies from above would be sufficient for most. You can enjoy the sweeping views from a purposebuilt platform, which is bordered by bamboo fences. If you dare the challenging trek down to the beach, make sure its during low tide. Some sections of the path can be steep, requiring a bit of rock climbing, especially on the way back up. Locals have put rocks and bamboos to aid visitors over the years. Once you’ve reached the sand, you’ll have it all to yourself most of the time. Depending on tide conditions, the waters are swimmable. However, note that the undercurrents can be strong, and being the remote site that it is, there are no lifeguards around. Besides your camera and a good pair of shoes, be sure to bring drinking water with you on the descent, to keep you hydrated.

Photo by jhonb
Location Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali