Sick in Bali

I made it through the second surgery If you don’t know, here is what happened in a nutshell I got really really sick in Bali and unfortunately we went to the hospital really late. My appendix was already inflamed, crazy enlarged and even bursted causing a lot of pus and horrible pain. After taking the appendix and pus out in an emergency surgery I slowly experienced more and more pain at the same spot (lower right side of the belly). After a CT scan it was clear that there was a lot of new pus which they just removed in this surgery. They cut open the same scar and it hurts now even more than after the first surgery. I can deal with a lot of pain but I just so hope that now everything is alright and I can finally recover and fly back to Germany on the 24th please please please universe

Thanks for all your support and positive energy! I really feel it. And massive thank you to my girlfriend melinakercher who is always there for me and supports me 247. She also took those videos of which I have zero recollection

& of course massive thanks to my bro Philipp (snowgasm avidofood ) who saved my life by dragging me to the hospital in the first place and still helps me so much Also to my family, especially my brother who is a doctor and constantly gives me the smartest advice.