Still processing all the amazing experiences from last weeks

Still processing all the amazing experiences from last weeks
Learning a new old way to connect with nature to treat it as part of us, saying thanks before we harvest anything & using every ingredient with consciousness & gratitude. Sharing the harvest with other living creatures. Making use of every leaf and what we’ve got available and creating colourful, fulfilling and delicious meals.

From day one, I felt so loved & cared for. So free & empowered to be myself. Surrounded by people I could swear I’ve met before, because it was just so easy to get along.

Thank you Simon new earth cooking for creating this space of growth, transformation, connection and love to nature and each other.
Thank you Angga, the happy farmer aka handsome gardener for being there every, single, day ready to answer any question, show us around and talk about new ways of being.
Thank you Lenny & Rina rinaandriayu the kitchen angels for the hard, hard work you put in every day, for putting all your heart into each dish, for being our mamas and making us feel cared for and fulfilled. Nita for your helping hands and joy. Tarzan for always finding a durian.
Iwan iwancoollook for bringing fun into each moment and making the most random jokes and challenges.
Made dewayumade for sharing your Balinese flavours and teaching us new recipes, always with a massive smile on your face.
Little fluff Kunyit for going for walks & motorbike rides and always guarding us.

And of course my epic new soul sisters imanerak cosmicgranddaughter without whom this experience would probably be totally different as it was, thank you for being the beautiful one and only you.

I totally feel like shit that the time is over, but I’m taking it as a confirmation of how amazing these days were. And how happy and fulfilled it made my heart feel.

Big love to all of you