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I cant tell you how many times I’ve prayed, meditated, and sat in gratitude for the participants of the Bali retreat in September.

It takes courage to discover who you are, and beautiful state of mind to travel the world with her him. I hope you know that you are worth the time, the effort, the travel.. to step into your Higher Self.This retreat is FOR YOU if you:

Are looking to start the journey to discovering your true self but don’t know where to start

You want to try different forms of self healing, from mindset practices to meditation, to breath work and more

You know you are being called to step into your purpose but feel resistance

You’re ready to confront and sit with past pain for serious healing.

You’re ready for the next phase, and seeing what that means to you and your journey

You are seeking true mind, body, and spiritual alignment, or… learning what it means to you

This retreat is your chance to put yourself first, my love. Its a statement to the cosmos that you are ready and more importantlywilling, to see yourself for who you are, and how wonderful your path can be. I believe in you.