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Waking up early, even after traveling across the globe and everyday fully for 2 weeks by then. It was about finding the energy in the morning to see more, be more. That day was filled with going around rice terraces, amazing tropical forest views and coffee tasting experiences. It was about being happy I’m 7h ahead of London time, which gave me more time to work on my submission. It was about finding the right spot to finish my work. And I found it at dewibebaris.

It is a place with small bungalows on water with low tables where you sit on the floor, overdose on coconut and amazing food, find some WiFi and get whatever you have to do done. In the breaks, I would go next to the lake and feed the massive fish or speak to the super nice Balinese staff.

It was a day when you realize how blessed you are for doing what you do, for being where you are away from the London winds, away from the fast paced life, away from your usual reality.