Perfect place to watch the sunset

I will take you to the most beautiful temple your eyes ever laid on. My father told me this in 2009, while we were walking around Bali. And he couldn’t be more right.
He took me to Pura Tanah Lot, the temple that sits on a large offshore rock. This Land (in the) sea, in the Balinese language, is the perfect place to watch the sunset.
Little did I know I would be back in Bali, to feel this magic again, with my best friend by my side, looking for my father in the sunset rays.
It costs 60 k rupiahs ($4.40 3,97) to enter. While you are there make sure you have time to see the secrete Balinese dance kecak, a traditional ritual. The performance takes 45 min and costs 50 k rupiahs ($3.67 3,31).