Very cheap dish from Bali

Nasi Jinggo is a simple, very cheap dish from Bali. It consists of steamed rice and several complements and side dishes. You can find serundeng (fried coconut flakes), spicy fried tempeh, shredded chicken, eggs, and fried noodle. The rice is served in a small portion, usually only a handful, and is served as a small package made of banana leaf.

Nasi Jinggo is usually served next to the road, in a simple stall with a few stools. The stall will usually have an assortment of different Nasi Jinggo variations like chicken, egg, fish or vegetarian.

The term Jinggo came from a Hokkien Language jeng go which means a thousand and five hundred. The dish was indeed sold for IDR1.500 during the monetary crisis in Indonesia (around 199798). Today, the price obviously has been adjusted but is still considered one of the cheapest options of street food out there.