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That’s exactly where I wanna go.

So I can see that I’m story teller person. I always have something to say and apparently, I write a lot in my pictures.
So this picture was taken in Amok sunset in Nusa Penida. In front of me was ceningan island and nusa lembongan. This place is awesome, you can see incredible sunsets from there, enjoy the pool and in same time have a nice meal. We went there two days.

But I kid you not , if I tell you the road was horrible. We left the scooter a bit before because it didn’t feel save anymore. And to be honest until I get there I didn’t believe that place existed. I thought it was a fake TripAdvisor place. That’s how bad the road was.

On the second day, we manage to get there with a scooter but it was challenging. If you have a private driver ask him to take you there, for them is ok. They are use to this roads, but if you go alone be careful, but go.