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Because this is something that happens to me…

You know you get into something, and you forget to look up.

No matter what a job, a new project, a challenge, or whatever, and you are so much into it, that nothing else matters.

We have this competitive mindset in western countries. And since it’s in western countries, I make the hypothesis that it is learned, and not natural.

I chose this picture because I eat ice cream. Not any ice cream, but a GELATO SECRET ice cream, which is the best in Bali!

So, I’m doing yoga, I’m careful of my health, I take care of my guts by avoiding sugar, dairies, and gluten. I am also vegetarian . And here I am, eating ice cream. And it’s delicious, I enjoy it and I don’t mind .

Do you know what I mind? fanaticism. No matter the subject diet, education, political, religious…

I campaign for a world with open mind people. Jeez, if I tell you I am on a special diet for my guts and you see me eating ice cream, it doesn’t mean I am a liar or a weak person. It just means that I can have an opinion and yet no being stubborn about it.

And no, I don’t use this as an excuse to it delicious ice cream because I don’t need an excuse.

I took ice cream as an example but it works for anything. I am a fervent believer in unschooling and homeschooling. And yet, my kids are in a school for the semester. It doesn’t mean I go against my convictions. Just that I am open for something different, something new, and that I will embrace it without prejudice.

This is how my life gets exciting and interesting!

Can you relate to that?