Huge statue of Vishnu riding Garuda

So today was definitely a tale of two halves. Started off visiting Patung Garuda Wisnu Kencana which is a huge statue of Vishnu riding Garuda.

Inside the ground there were other statues and the building of the grounds had only restarted in the last few years as they stopped due to a terrorist attack years before. Interesting to see but deffo sweaty as anything next we visited Dreamland beach which was exactly as the name describes. White sandy beach and crystal clear water.

One thing we’ve noticed is the beaches in Bali seem perfect for surfers . The waves are huge and the currents seem proper meaty, so we just took a little paddle.

Then we visited an infinity pool at a boujee hotel (sadly not as overnight guests). Even took their cable car down to the private beach. Lovely day but how the locals can be so productive in the heat is beyond me