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An eagle is the only bird that loves storms. That’s because it was created to rise above them. This magnificent creature has the unique ability to lock its wings in a fixed position. When it flies into a fierce storm, it will power on this natural mechanism and use the wind to soar above the storm. The eagle doesn’t sit out the storm . It doesn’t pretend its not there. And its not afraid of its the eagle will fly straight into the storm.
In 2018 I was battling a storm I wasn’t sure I could manage myself. I needed more than just myself and others to get me through it. I needed God by my side knowing he can help me through any storm or problem I may face. I was in a job that was killing my mental health, I wasn’t eating healthy I was stressed most of the time and wasn’t sure how to fix it. Until 1 moment. 1 moment at 1052 pm when I booked a 1 way flight to Bali. Now lets be honest.. moving to Bali wasn’t 100% fix the storm I was facing but it sure did change my life forever. I want to thank everyone that supported me, my coach approvedbybrooks that helped push me to be the best version of myself. You changed my life in more ways than you know.
Isaiah 432 When you go through deep waters I will be with you. If you are battling anything right now know this. God is always by your side, and will always be with you through any storm you may be facing!