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Siwaratri, often referred to as the Night of Siwa, is an auspicious time for introspection and meditation, during which the Balinese pray for forgiveness of their earthly sins and for support and strength from the god Siwa (Shiva) in order to reach their higher selves.
Siwa Ratri begins with an early morning prayer, typically ending at 600 am. The ritual typically consists of three fasting activities

Upawasa not eating or drinking for 24 hours

Fasting is a method of self control and reflection to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Monabrata not talking for 12 hours

Silence is a method to learn not to speak impulsively and to choose honest, kind words not to speak evil or lie and to learn to listen more attentively.

Mejagra not sleeping for 36 hours

Not sleeping is a technique to train being awake and aware of our approach to life which should always be carried out with conduct of insight and wisdom.

The Siwa Ratri celebration also aims to overcome materialism and to build a closer connection with God through surrender and prayer. Each of these (non)activities are methods to learn to be selfconscious at all times, to have selfcontrol in all circumstances. When completed, each of them is followed by prayers and offerings in the house temple.