Paradise warm island of Bali

To find myself on the paradise warm island of Bali, enjoy tropical fruits , delicious food , comfort and extraordinary beauty … This is a dream that is easy to make come true.

There are tropical, mountain and savannah forests , ficus and banana groves, where parrots live. This place has volcanoes , waterfalls and lakes, a large number of beaches for surfing and outdoor activities.

Why, having been here once, I always wish I could come again, and there is a feeling that I misunderstood something or did not feel at all?

I have no answer, and there can be no answer in words. I have places where I felt a sense of what home is from the very first seconds of getting there. This happened, when I visited the Indian Himalayas for the first time, and Burma, and Bolivia.

I consider the insights that appear in such places to be my main travel motivators.