Sacred Bangli waterfalls

Melukat, spiritual cleasing ritual, at sacred Bangli waterfalls. A hidden place still to many, where peace is felt as one washes away the negative energy to restore the power of being, kind.
where rivers converge and angels dance.

This water stream here felt like flowing under the wings of a cloud. It has said to hold the feminine energy. The water runs above our head and for a while we get the sensation of having arrived home. there we are.

It was magic we did this ritual on the day Balinese are celebrating Siwarati, often refered as the Night of Siwa (Shiva). This event is dedicated to the God Siwa, the destroyer. People pray for forgiveness and meditate on his honour. Some also fast and spent all night sleepless just to worship the God. Full awareness and connection is needed and it’s good to be reminded of that.

Water here is seen as a medium used by the divine to bless those who pray. Has the power to cleanse and purify.