The most popular shortcut in Bali is located in Canggu

One of the most famous shortcut that always have a funny story. Have you ever experience a funny story when passed this shortcut? Share with us in the comment below guys.
The most popular shortcut in Bali is located in Canggu. I’ve seen thousands of bike fails on this road. But first of all what and where is the shortcut? Well as the name implies, it is a shortcut from one place to another. It connects Berawa to Batu Bolong. The road leads through the rice fields, which is actually quite nice however it is barely two cars wide.

This essentially means the road is meant to be one way but who would want to drive the long way and add an extra 15 minutes to their trip? No one. Not the expats with their drivers nor the tourists in their taxis. So cars will go both ways and in the middle of the rice fields they realize, oops we cant pass, someone has to go backwards.

Like I said, it is a small road and it is elevated from the rice fields. Hence it needs a good driver for this procedure. I should also mention that there are constantly motorbikes trying to get past the cars.

Location Canggu, Bali