When I was in Bali

Only we can hold what we WANT for our future in our hands, the rest is up to the universe.

When I was in Bali, on this luscious rice field, I knew the lotus pose was the perfect symbol of how I was feeling in that moment and my wish for what I wanted next in life. Change.

The lotus flower blooms on the surface of water with its roots deep in the mud a symbol of light and emergence from darkness. In Buddhism, the lotus blossom represents the heart opening. Buddhists compare the opening of the lotus flower petals to the unfolding of what is divine within you. .

The Devine within me is change. I’ve always been really good with change and have always been able to make finite decisions fairly easily. This one was a hard one, although I knew within my soul that it was right. .

After 10 years of excitement, struggles, highs, lows and everything in between, I have decided to leave Manhattan and start a new journey. So, Williams burg, Brooklyn is whats next. In fact, I signed the lease just before I went to Bali as a stability factor to bring me back to New York with changes on the horizon. I am beyond excited for this move, the people I intend to meet and a new neighborhood to call home, right on the water where I can breathe it in every day when I wake up. I will be able to see Manhattan from my bedroom, and to me, that is lucky. .

Here’s to change, the lotus and opening my heart to a new New York State of Mind.