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Today was one of those synchronistic days of pure magic. Every conversation penetrated deep into the soul. The people I encountered were vortexes with whom I swirled around in the energy of possibilities for hours, or lifetimes. My pen has gone dry trying to capture the fragments that still remain on the tip of my tongue, yet somehow I am confident the true meaning has been awakened in every cell of my Being. Perhaps words only limit the stream that’s pouring through. I cried twice today in overwhelming happiness. As if my heart was so Full, I just couldn’t hold back anymore, I let emotions flow like water. Its so simple, I was reminded. Its so simple.
As day transitioned into evening I shifted from headspace and heart space to body. Acro play and community dinner grounded me down in the most delightful way. And a jaunt home in the rain felt like heaven coming down to kiss the skin. I am so blessed. To be here, to be open, to feel radiantly alive and becoming more and more aware of how infinite this flow of energy truly is.

I have decided to stay in Bali for another month. This island keeps inviting me deeper into the abyss and I have so much more to learn