Recent News

Despite the weathers attempt to stop us making it here last night, we have safely arrived in Amed. Our first impression last night were difficult due to the horizontal rain hitting us from all sides.

This morning the sky was much more clear, and we made the most of it, the town is smaller than originally expected, but there is a plenty of people and shops.

Online blogs didn’t lie, this is the place to come if a) you are a keen diver, and b) French and in Bali. Due to the cost of doing a PADI course and the limited time we have here we decided to take a pass on the diving.

Instead we will use this time to just relax and join the very mellow speed of the town. Oh, how could we forget, we have a 4:30 am start tomorrow to go deep sea fishing for MahiMahi, any idea who wanted to do that?