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There is a delicious power in clarity, so please allow me to be frank.
You are God. You are Source. You are the Universe. You are the whole Universe experiencing itself in human form.

This may seem overwhelming. This may go against the religious doctrine of how you were raised. Your ego might not even know what this really means. This is all okay. The same way you don’t understand how the sun rises or the planets orbit, it still is true. You are the Source.

The power to create your own reality, the ability to have the life of your dreams, and the magic of becoming your highest potential is yours and has always been yours.
Activating the Goddess within you is awakening this power. It is releasing the outdated beliefs of the old paradigm of victim consciousness where life is happening to you instead of for you, and integrating a new operating system to create from. It is unleashing the truth that you are powerful beyond measure and you can be or do or have ANYTHING that you want, without restriction or limitation.

I lovingly guide you to the ancient wisdom of how to create the life you have always wanted create the love, joy, and abundance that is your birthright have spiritual resilience in seeing lessons as wisdom and vibrational turning points enjoy every present moment as if you chose it because you did.

Imagine what untapped potential would you unlock in your life by activating your inner goddess? Visualize and lmk three words to describe what you see in the comments!

On April 1, I am taking a special group of women to Bali for The Goddess Activation Retreat. We will spend a week in an immersive container of this remembrance and integrative embodiment.