Scrolling through my camera roll

Scrolling through my camera roll and I see this cutie This reminds me of how much I miss Bali, and how I already long for another vacation! Honestly, 2020 has been the busiest year yet, and were only a month in! Whether you’re an OG supporter or a newbie, here are a few quick updates for this upcoming year
NP SCHOOL For the next year, every week will be PACKED! I have clinic 3 days a week in addition to working 3 other days a week at the hospital. So that leaves 1 day for…everything else?? Yall bear with me during this time. Im stressed, but this too shall pass But were poppin bottles in December tho

BLOG A new blog post will come out every Monday (essentially my only free day)…at least that will be my intention. Ill try to be proactive with creating content. Ill still be collaborating with my fav brands (I have a few coming up that I cant wait to share!!) and giving yall all the goods. Expect more quality content in areas of beauty, style, nursing, travel, health, and wellness

BRANDING Speaking of branding, I want to take my blog and social media platforms to a new level this year. I’m attempting to work diligently to make these positive changes happen, and I hope to see exponential growth in this new season

TRAVEL Surprisingly enough, Ill still have time to travel this year. I get 2 longer breaks from school, so Ive already been plotting to jet set! Where should I visit?

WELLNESS I’m kicking my nutrition and fitness into high gear. Despite my schedule, Ill still be in the gym and on my grind Be sure to check out my Gym Life and Meal Prep highlights for tips, tricks and recommendations…or just pictures of me holding myself accountable

As always, thank you guys for all of the love and support. Lets have a prosperous year!