Why did we stay to live in Bali?

Read our list of the pros and cons of life here below

1. The most important thing that for us it turned out to be the optimal ratio of life and work. Here are nature and beauty around, while there is the opportunity to work. Usually it should be a quite large city, so that it has the necessary large equipment, which we do not have in the workshop. Also needed jewelry stores with consumables, the ability to do some operations like laser soldering, etc. And here voila, the village of jewelers, there is everything!
2. It is an ideal place for children! They are in outside in the fresh air all day long, plenty of fruits, excellent nannies, great international schools and preschools.
3. Ecology. No large factories, goodbye heaviness in my head!
4. Beauty around. In terms of design and art, the local population are great! In a mix with design created by numerous expats, it turns out an environment where it is quite easy to get visual enjoyment. And beauty unconditionally created by nature here is located at one of the highest points of the riot of colors and shapes.
5. The entire infrastructure. Expatriates have been here for a long time and a lot has been invented for them.
6. Lots of delicious food! No, not local) I’m not a fan of Indonesian food, and in fact they dont have their own cuisine. Again, expats have created hundreds of wonderful cafes for every taste. They can be explored forever)
7. Ah, well, the ocean! For us it is a constant theoretical opportunity to visit it, which warms the soul) To be honest, we rarely go to the beach as we are very busy
8. The absence of a rainy season. In the rainy season, it is quite possible to live here, usually you are not flooded kneedeep and it does not rain for days at all.
9. Friendly people. Who sincerely sympathize with you and love children very much. Yes, everyone has sinuses, but in general they are open and kind people.

So could you live in such a place? Read about Cons of living in Bali tomorrow!