Juicy cocktails from a swim

Juicy cocktails from a swim up pool bar, sun, beach, banging food, cute photo spots One thing I loved about Bali was the beach clubs! Each one has its own different little vibe but they’re all so fun.

You can go there for day time drinks, lunch, evening drinks, dinner, if you want to take a dip in a pool, if you want to go to a beach and have comfortable seating, some of them have club events too. They’re also a great place to meet new people whether you’re travelling solo or in a group.

In most of them to get a bed like in this photo you have to have a minimum spend on your tab. Initially it may sound like a lot of money (diff in each place) but if you’re in a group of people and everyone is ordering food and drinks then you’ll easily reach the minimum spend and likely go way over. We did… every time!.