It becomes a recurring topic

It becomes a recurring topic. But that is inevitable if you post from your archive. Tourism is changing life at destinations. This time in Bali. I was there a long time ago. We were touring through Bali and our guide knew we were on the island doing photography. He knew a nice terraced rice field that might be interesting for a photo. So outside of Ubud we drove up the mountains and passed several small villages. Then he stopped right by the road and there was Tegalalang.

Unbelievable, what a sight!

And there was nobody around …. Our guide said to stay on the road as he descended into the fields. Some time later he came back with this friendly man who turned out to be the field manager. He was willing to pose for a photo, but not along the way. Inside was better. So we followed him knowing that this was special because we had heard that you were not supposed to enter a rice field. I am very happy that we could take some great pictures of him and some of his fellow farmers.
These days you can walk around freely, just like so many others at the same time. There are plenty of terrace cafs and the street is lined up with tourist shops. If you want to take a nice photo, you have to come early.
Bonus shot the crew at Tegalalang.
Bali has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Asia. It is not great to be one of a thousand visitors everywhere you go, but you cannot blame people for visiting the island and you cannot deny the inhabitants a chance to improve their lives. It is a diabolical dilemma.
Where did you experience over tourism?
Erik Goosen