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When was the latest time you ever had coffee in your life?. I may a crazy coffee drinker for having a hot cafe latte after 10.30 pm. But I love it. And I’m feeling so sleepy after that until now I’m ready to go to bed.

I stopped by 30 minutes after had a dinner with a friend. We had Chicken satay close to Seminyak and then I was so craving with coffee. Because most places are closed on Sunday and the closest one was Geo Coffee, so before they were closed I stop d by.

Not only to see my dog friends Gerry and Ciput (the in house Bali dogs), I also stopped by to say hi to Bli Kadek & Mbok Ayu and then ordered a coffee as I had no coffee for 36 hours.

Look how beautiful the latte art on my coffee. Thank you Bli Dek! And also thank you Bli Dek and Mbok Ayu for reminding me lot of good things. Thanks for keeping me company closing my Sunday with positivities and good vibes.

A cuppa coffee with good friends and good vibes is a blessing. Im ready for Monday!