For my Soul

This Full Moon has surely been one of the Powerful ones. For me. For my heart.

I have attended 3 Cacao ceremonies in a row and this is the time to write my Love letter to Cacao.

In 2016 I came to Bali to heal my heart, embarking on my soul searching journey. And here I was…. Guided by the Great Spirit, I attended my first Cacao ceremony with raio at the Yoga Barn. At that time it was the most powerful emotional and spiritual experience I ever had, it broke my heart open, elevated my entire being and shifted all those layers wakening my soul! If there is something called as kundalini awakening, for me that was it. I knew I’ll never sleep again!

Since then the Spirit of Cacao has been guiding me as my secret whisperer and heart companion. Showering divine harmony and sharing her ancient wisdom. Connecting me to PachaMama the Earth, the Sky, the Moon, the Stars and the Sun.

Forever grateful for this infinite connection to the most inspirational couple that I have had the honour to meet raio and sophiesofree. Tonight’s Cacao ceremony was coming back home. With so much love.

To love
To peace
To growth
To freedom
To soul connections
To infinite possibilities
To healing the Earth and each other
To never ever doubting our true powers
To you, and me, and us
To Oneness