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For those willing to read here is a story.
If you don’t want to feel emotional, just like the photo and move on
This photo was taken July 19th, One of the most confusing days of my life.If you look closely you will see not a smile, but a vacant stare.Why?! Im in one of the most desired Instagram spots on the planet and yet I was lost in my mind.The reason being, the day before this, on the 18th July, my very good friend Creed took his own life I was alone on the island of Lembongan when I found out.
I froze. I sat on the beach for five hours staring at my phone, and the honest truth is,
I didn’t feel like I could call anyone.What do I say!How do I put this on someone else! How could anyone possibly make me feel better right now!!!The sun was setting and I realised I had no where to stay.I didn’t want to be by myself, but I was traveling alone, so I messaged a guy I had met a week earlier.
I didn’t tell him what happened but he opened his doors for me anyway.So I got on a ferry to Bali, then jumped in a taxi and drove almost two hours inland.I make it to sinasaadat and I tell him what has happened. Brother!
Instantly he takes me inside, hugs me, gives me a room, orders food, drink, shisha and surrounds me with positive distractions.You are not alone, you are with us now The very next day we go to the spot in this photo for lunch.For obvious reasons I was struggling to get outside my own head and enjoy the moment,
But there was periods of calm as my mind became distracted.
In hindsight I realise this was the best thing I could have asked for and the universe provided,
Distraction I never told them this, so I will say it now.sinasaadat , lemybeauty , victoriacacosta and joshman You guys helped me more than you could ever know I could not have prayed for better At a very fragile time of my life, alone in Indonesia, you wrapped me in bubble wrap and became my rock.
From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you! I will never forget it.
Arohanui, much love