In a state of zen, in love with Bali

In a state of zen, in love with Bali and loving the spiritual vibes out here, finding a nice rhythm and balance to life, the key for me is daily meditation and breathing techniques.

Yes some of you will say this is weird or some of you will not know where to start when it comes to meditating and may even be confused with the word spirituality.

Please click the link in my bio where I talk about mastering the art of breathing and why I believe we all need to find a higher purpose in life and how I believe going on a. spiritual journey is the way to do this.

After a great spa day and some jiu jitsu feeling really happy. We create our own reality, so if you don’t like what you see it is up to you to change it. Here to help, so please connect, video link in bio, please like and share. Lots of love. Alex