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Taking a THE photo is great, but all photos are memories. Sorting through my phone and I came across this photo. Our first night in Bali and by NZ time it was nearly 2 am, nobody slept on the flight. We ate at the 1st place found in a very quiet area, everyone was exhausted as you can tell but they dealt with it so well.

The kids just wanted a pizza and when it arrived it had slices of tomato all over it which they all hate despite that non of them complained. Jensen thanked the lovely waiter and then whispered that he didn’t like the look of it, which is amazing for him since he normally can’t hide his emotions at all. We ate as quick as we could, picking off tomatoes and then stumbled straight to bed.

At the time it felt so hard but looking back it reminds me of how awesome my kids are and how the challenges of travel are really part of why I love it. They didn’t always cope so well with the exhaustion but that’s a story for another day.