The myth of Broken Beach

Nusa Peni Da, Bali

Along with the completion of that Meal time, the sun set and the night came in. All of the villagers, including the farmers, were so happy because the meat tasted so good. But before that meat were fully processed by the stomach, then an ugly oldman with his dirty clothes came and asked them about his lost cow. Do you see my cow around here? I’ve looked for it for a couple hours but I cant find it. said the oldman to the group of people whose stomach looked so full.

Unfortunatelly, no one confessed that they had slaughtered and cooked it. To find the truth, the old man made a contest. He took out a stick from his robe and plug it into the ground. After doing that, he said, If you told me the truth, then you will definitely be able to pull the stick out of the ground. If there’s no one can, then I will consider all of you as liars. Next…