Beautiful water garden in East Bali

Play with some koi fish will be something special to try guys.
The Tirta Gangga royal water garden is a favourite retreat in the regency of Karangasem, east Bali. It was built in 1946 during the reign of the late raja of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem (1887 1966). Tirta Gangga saw a series of restorations following the destructive hot showers of volcanic ash from the 1963 Mount Agung eruption.

The lavish water gardens owned by the royal Karangasem family feature 1.2ha of pools, ponds and fountains surrounded by neatly cut lawns adorned with stepping stones, ornate statues and tropical gardens. Tirta Gangga is located in the village of Ababi, an approximate 75 km east of Denpasar. The complex is a cool retreat in the eastern highlands, perched on the southeastern slope of the islands highest mountain, Mount Agung.
Tirta Gangga consists of tropical gardens, wading pools, fish ponds, and fountains.
Location Tirta Gangga, Bali