Training in Bali with my Dad

When I was a teenager I was playing basketball for England and Team GB. My parents didn’t mind if I played or not but if I committed then I had to do it PROPERLY. So from 11 years old I was training 3 nights per week, and playing games on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally there was a strength and conditioning program.

So Friday nights my Dad would have me in the gym WORKING. It was a local body building gym, I’m talking major testosterone five o’clock shadow on the women, and eating whole chickens with their hands for the PROTEIN. I was so embarrassed, I thought everyone thought I was a stupid skinny kid. But turns out, when I bump into those guys back up north they have CRAZY respect.

Nat I remember them days on the treadmill, your Dad tried to kill you. No one worked harder than you, girl. Good lessons as a kid do it properly or don’t do it at all. Long hours spent with my Dad in that gym and now we training together in Bali.