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Memories will always haunte your head if you wont let go. I’ve heared @oprah saying that the only way out is ‘through’. As much hard as it sounds unfortunately the bitter medicine had to be swallowed.

@christophermaccandless runs away to find his freedom but in his deathbed he says ‘call each thing by its right name’ Escaping is easy but it doesn’t help you awake. I’ve also heared that the right way is always the hard way, too bad but atleast it gives you solid prof that, its the right way.

This is gonna need alot of nerve but there’s no need to figure out the whole journey at once. To quote oprah again, you only need to figure out the next right move, and then the next right move. You cant go figure out everything. Step by step eventually we’ll get there. And as my motto as always, dots will always connect if you’re honest to yourself and believe the process. .

Cheers to all the rebels out there who wont stop the battle. Keep going!! You rock!!