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I’ve never thought of Bali as a great destination for vacation. As Indonesian myself, I always thought that Bali is just…what is that word again? Ah, yes- overrated. Bali had always been an overrated island in my mindpeople are just exaggerating it, vey much. Beach. Sunset. Temple. And.. club? Anything else that is more special than other place? Well, nothing. We also got all of that in Jogja, on the contrary, for bonus we also got highland here and you could see very beautiful sunrise here.
..Well, at least that how I USED to think.

That day, the very first time I went to Bali with my school and I swear, its beauty was already very very overwhelming from first glance. And the incredible part is, while there are so many private beaches ‘owned’ by resorts, this photo was taken from a public beach. Hell, I didn’t even know the name of the beach. Just some random beach that was picked by the school (probably cuz the low entrance fees). And honestly that’s all you need. Just Bali and (random) beach, and trust me, these two words together would never fail.

The huge difference I notice with the beach in Jogja is probably the atmosphere(?) Tbh I don’t really know why it felt so different, maybe because I went there with the whole school? Or because it’s located outside my hometown? Idk, but surely it really changed how I see Bali.
(Jogja is still super great tho) Bali 2018.