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Gurtex protects by waterproofing and smoothing surfaces while sealing against corrosion. Gurtex can stop leaks caused by material deformation, heat expansion, cracking, piercing (due to the installation of roof fixtures), loose joint mountings and rust.

We waterproof:
Hotels such as LV8 hotel in Canggu
Beachclubs such as LA BRISA BALI
Corrugated Roofs
Concrete Civil Infrastructure
Underground infrastructure such as tanks and tunnels
Horizontal concrete rooftop decks and tiled roofs
Residential infrastructure such as artificial pools and fish ponds

Spray or brush on at room temperature
Can be applied with minimal preparation of the substrate
No Primer needed
Rapid curing and drying
Can be applied on damp surfaces
Covers about 1000m2 per day using 3 trained operators
Tools and equipment can be cleaned with water

Environmentally friendly
Withstands 20 years of UV exposure

For pricing quotes and enquiries, please contact us at:
+628111881004 Bali (English) +6281234851177 Bali
+62852 28041427 Jakarta