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Maybe you are very familiar with Kintamani Bali Arabica. Nevertheless, Bali Arabica coffee does not only come from Kintamani. This time we present one Balinese Arabica coffee from an area other than Kintamani, namely Buleleng Wanagiri Arabica from Lesung Mountain. Although relatively new compared to the Kintamani area, we believe that Arabica coffee from this area deserves to be one of the best arabica coffees from the Island of the Gods.

Notes: Citrus & Grape-like, Medium Acidity, Clean Aftertaste

With this pour over technique, you can expect the coffee to seep slowly for a more complex yet delicate way of experiencing intense flavors for your cup of coffee.
This on-the-go coffee in a bag is a great option for those who want to brew their coffee anytime and anywhere. Enjoy your moment!

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